Expense and income tracker for iPhone and iPad with sync
Expenses and Income
Expenses and Income, Multiple Currencies
Track both expenses and income on your iPhone, in any number of currencies you need, out of 160+ supported world currencies. Currency conversion with automatically retrieved and custom exchange rates.
Flexible Instant Reports
Highly customizable reports for any period of time and kind of entries. Timeline bar graph reports for days, weeks and months. Structure of expenses and income. Daily, weekly and monthly averages.
Best expense tracker for iPhone
Available on the iPhone AppStore
Give your iPhone or iPad an expense tracker upgrade.
Get CashTrails for iPhone or try CashTrails for iPhone and iPad ("CashTrails+") for free.

FAQ: "I've already bought the full version, why is it asking me to pay again?"

Answer: You don't need to buy anything to continue using the iPhone-only version of CashTrails.

Just please make sure to download and use the iPhone version of the app ("CashTrails"), not the iPhone & iPad version ("CashTrails+").

CashTrails is the iPhone-only version, the one that you’ve bought and been using up till now.

CashTrails+ is the iPad version of the app, which also runs on the iPhone, since it's a "universal" app. It's a separate app, with a paid upgrade to lift the record limit.

On the iPhone, both versions are identical. If you don’t intend to use the app on the iPad, there’s no need to upgrade to the Pro version in CashTrails+; just please make sure to use the correct app (“CashTrails”) on your iPhone.

Latest News
  • Nov 06: Both CashTrails and CashTrails+ are at version 2.0.4 now.
  • Oct 08: Version 2.0.3 is out, with bug fixes and compatibility improvements.
  • Sep 15: CashTrails 2.0 is available, with sync and an iPad version (CashTrails+). More details coming soon.
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Ok, so I am self-employed and deal with cash a lot. This app is fantastic. I can keep track of my earnings and expenses effortlessly! It is not complicated. It helps me spend less also because I really see where the cash goes. I used to not really know exactly what I earned or spent for the week. In this economy every penny counts! LOVE IT!U.S. Reviewer Best expense tracker so far/Fastest data entry. I've literally tried every single one of them out there, wasting a bunch of money in my search. This offers the cleanest, quickest transaction entry of any of them.U.S. Reviewer Anyone who has had the 'fun' of working out expenses knows what a pain it can be keeping track of what you have spent on what, what you should be claiming for etc. I use this wonderful iPhone application to help me track what I have spent and what I can claim expenses on. CashTrails is a real time saver.Johnathan Vrozos, "The 5 Best iPhone Applications for Business" I use CashTrails to track all income and expenses. It has a slick utility that exports (over wi-fi into spreadsheet format), backs up and restores the file. Easy entry. Easy reporting. This is the personal financial app I have been looking for. I'm anxious to see what other upgrade goodies are forthcoming. So far, no crashes, no glitches, no disappointments.....just delightful surprises!U.S. Reviewer